Are you worried about going over budget?

One of the main causes for a budget blow out is going for the cheapest quote. It’s a false economy. Eventually, the buyer catches on and then adds variations to the project to try and bring the home up to the standard they were expecting. This is frustrating and adds an additional layer of stress at a time when you need it least.

Some buyers think they shouldn’t tell the builder their actual budget in order to get the best deal, believing that if they give a really low figure, they will get a bargain. But in reality, all this will do is force the builder to make unnecessary cuts in the mistaken belief that what they are working with, is an accurate sum.

Not only will this waste their time, but you won’t be giving them the chance to design the best home for you if you keep your actual budget to yourself. In fact, if the budget seems too low, some builders may not even attempt to quote, meaning you will miss out entirely.